7 Basic Truths to Know About Success

There is no one who does not like to be successful in this world. It is always the desire of everyone to be counted among the list of successful people in their society.

There is a saying that “success has many friends”. Success is friend to all. It is known to everyone. But not everybody wants to identify with certain truths about success.

To be successful and wealthy is not a rocket science, but what you need know is that there are some basic truths that must guide your pursuit of success.

Given below are 7 basic truths to know about success and successful people.

1. Success does not have all the answers.

That a man is successful does not mean he has all the answers to the issues around him. Most successful people depend on their aides and assistants for solution to most problems around them.

The reason why many successful people surround themselves with teams of brilliant people is because they have accepted the fact that they do not know it all.

Many times people stumble at success in the form of trial and error. They are not afraid to learn from others, especially their subordinates when they failed in their experiments.

2. Success is prone to changes

The only constant thing in life is change. Successful people are given to change whenever the need arises. They are flexible and easily adapt to new ideas and technology that will enhance the sustainability and profitability of their businesses.

Following the same pattern over and over again without getting desired results is a sign of rigidity and dogmatism. A successful man is one that is prone to effective changes that will rub on the overall well being of his business.

3. There is nothing like overnight success

There is a saying that “in politics nothing happens by accident it must have been planned that way”. In the same way, there is no sudden or overnight success. Success forms after a time when necessary works have been done.

Every success requires some input in hard work and diligence. Success always has its story of ups and down to tell.

You can get reward and recognition overnight but the effort that resulted in the success is a well thought out labour that lasted a period of time.

4. You need to make sacrifices in order to be successful

There is always a price to pay for success. It does not come cheap but with a price tag. People who want to achieve success must be ready to sacrifice time, energy, and resources.

Know that you must be willing to sacrifice something for every success initiative you conceive.

5. Success will not make all your problems go away

The more successful you become the more problems you will have. To be successful you must be a problem solver, and to be more successful you must look for bigger problems to solve.

The inventors of television, telephone, aero plane, internet, computer, and other inventions all spend time to solve different problems. Successful people are those who solve the problems of others.

Success attracts more problems into the life of the successful!

6. Success do not eradicate loneliness

The rich and the poor are two parallel lines that will never meet. The poor will always see the rich as the source of their woes and calamity, and this may lead to hostility to the rich.

Being successful in the society always attract hatred from those who feels insecure with your success.

7. Success do not make anyone happy

It’s all vanity at the end of the day as it cannot make anyone happy. The happiness that comes with success is temporal and cannot last. Success does not guarantee happiness.

Money can buy physical things but may not be able to purchase things emotional such as happiness.

It is however imperative to know that the happiness of a successful man is not a function of his success but that of his ability to be grateful at whatever life brings his way be it good or bad.